Life Training Wellness program

We inspire youth, adults and seniors to achieve their best fitness, health & wellness potential to having a high quality of life.

Providing HIITR (High Integrated Intensity Training Resistance), SAQ (speed Agility & Quickness) and Wellness Life Changing Training. through a positive motivating training process of development
Coaching style.

Mentor positive relationships: Building T.E.A.M.
(Together Everyone Achieves More.)

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Health Fitness Training

Who can benefit from LIFTSpeed  Training?

Anyone in any sport that wants to improve speed and running bio-mechanics: Seniors – Adults – Youth – Beginning Athletes – Professional Athletes.


– Improved cardio-respiratory
– Improved muscular fitness
– Improved bone health
– Favorable body composition
– Improve metabolic health
– Reduced depression
– Lower risk of obesity

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About L.I.F.T.S.

Our mission is to increase health, fitness, well being of the at-risk and under-served.

– To build
– To provide
– To inspire
– To improve
– To empower
– To connect
– To bring
– To educate

We teach the individuals  the path to better fitness, health, well being.

Health and fitness training for at risk youth.

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